Saturday, 29 March 2008

Invitation to Tea !

The Mad Crafters Tea Party !

This is your invitation to a global tea party ! Basically from the 12th to the 14th of April I will be holding a 'Tea party' and I will post my pictures on the 'Altered Art Appreciation Society' flickr group page with a little info about my tea party and I ask you all who wish to take part to hold your own party on one of these days and post your own pictures, now this doesn't actually have to be an actual party it can be virtual or crafty or anything you like but the pictures should be tea party based ! (although actually having a tea party would be fun).

Also if you have a blog and post pictures of your tea party on the flickr group I will put a link to your blog page here so that everyone can have a look at each others tea parties posted on their own blogs and the blogs themselves so hopefully lots of people will get to meet other crafters around the world who they would not have met otherwise and share their artwork. Alternatively you can just post pictures on the flick group if you wish and leave comments about your tea party, I just want everyone to have fun !

Rules:- Just for clarity !

1. All pictures must be tea party based.

2. You can only post between the 12th and 14th April 2008.

3. Pictures should be named and if you want a link to your blog please

flickrmail little miss crafty.

If there are other people interested in getting involved please get them to sign up to the group as soon as possible the more the madder !